Custom graduation gifts for men, women and kids. Custom bracelets with customized school, college or university colors. Alma mater bracelets custom graduation gifts handmade by Rumi Sumaq.

Custom Graduation Gifts – Make Their Graduation Unforgettable with Your Support

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As graduation season approaches, it’s time to think about custom graduation gifts and how best to celebrate the incredible achievements of your graduates. Whether it’s a middle schooler taking their first steps towards independence… a high school senior ready to embark on new adventures… a college graduate stepping into the world of possibilities… or a postgraduate marking the culmination of years of hard work… each milestone is worth commemorating.

At Rumi Sumaq, we recognize your pivotal role in these significant moments. That’s why we believe in empowering you to honor these achievements with meaningful custom graduation gifts that capture the essence of the journey. Our collection of custom woven bracelets allows you to play an integral role in marking your loved one’s graduation.

Custom Mens Bracelet - Hand-knotted Macrame Mens Friendship Bracelet by Designer Coco Paniora Salinas of RUMI SUMAQ. Handmade on Martha's Vineyard.

Crafted with impeccable attention to detail, each custom bracelet is hand-knotted with vibrant fibers in your choice of colors. By selecting the colors of their school or university, you’ll give them a gift that serves as a reminder of the memories, friendships, and achievements they’ve made along the way. They make excellent custom graduation gifts.

Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our graduates by becoming the thoughtful loved one whose graduation gift is as special and one-of-a-kind as the graduate themselves. Our bracelets aren’t just accessories; they’re symbols of dedication, perseverance, and growth. Explore our collection of custom bracelets and create the perfect piece to commemorate this milestone moment.

Congratulations to all the graduates out there! Their achievements inspire us… And have us thinking ahead to next year, when we will celebrate our oldest son’s 8th grade graduation. It is our plan to gift him and his friends custom string bracelets to honor their successes and unwavering friendship bond. (Yes, boys love these bracelets too).

Please know how honored we are to be a part of your life’s celebrations.

We deeply believe in the power of meaningful connections.

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