Rumi Sumaq Macrame Necklace with Leopardite Jasper and Amethyst StonesRumi Sumaq Mixed Metal Necklace with Onyx and Serpentine StonesRumi Sumaq Fork Necklace with Chrysocolla StonesRumi Sumaq Macrame Necklace with Peruvian Opal and Tiger's Eye StonesRumi Sumaq Macrame Necklace with Lapis Lazuli Fire Agate Quartz and Amethyst StonesRumi Sumaq Macrame Necklace with Chrysocolla StoneFire Agate and Citrine StonesRumi Sumaq Mixed Metal Necklace with Sodalite and Serpentine StonesRumi Sumaq Macrame Necklace with Quartz StonesRumi Sumaq Mixed Metal Necklace with Chrysocolla Stone

Welcome to Rumi Sumaq the website of jewelry designer Coco Paniora Salinas

“Rumi Sumaq” means “beautiful stones” in Quechua, the native language of Peru. For thousands of years, stones, seeds, shells, and other natural materials have been used in Peruvian ceremonial offerings to Pachamama, the goddess of Mother Earth, and today they still commemorate the sacred natural world, beauty, and femininity. As an artisan, Coco draws his inspiration for his handcrafted jewelry from his Quechua Indian and Incan ancestry. It is with great passion that he creates art that reflects Peru’s cultural history and diverse natural resources. Coco’s hand-woven designs are one-of-a-kind pieces that incorporate Peruvian 950 silver, alpaca silver, or  hand knotted fiber macramé with stunning materials from Peru, such as semi-precious stones, shells, seeds, fossilized bones or teeth, or feathers from animals of the Amazon jungle. In his work, stones have a voice, the spirit of Pachamama is evoked and there is harmony in the universe.

Please take a moment to view Coco’s portfolio to see the breadth of his work. We also invite you to visit the online store, where you can purchase Coco’s one-of-a-kind 950 silver, alpaca, or macramé jewelry designs. Thank you for your interest in Coco’s handcrafted jewelry. We greatly appreciate your support. May our paths cross at an art show soon.

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