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1mm Waxed Polyester Cord – 22 New Colors

Peruvian pattern

Dawn at KnotMore has officially closed her waxed cord business. We are in the process of buying up her stock of Settanyl 1mm waxed polyester cord. This week 22 new colors will arrive from Minnesota. The new cord colors are now listed for sale in our online store.

You will find the new cord colors on page 3 and 4 of the product category WAXED POLYESTER CORD. Or check them out in the photos and links below. Please keep in mind that stock in some colors of cord is limited. So please don’t wait to purchase if there is a color you’ve been searching for. It will be awhile before we get a restock from Settanyl in Brazil.

New Colors of 1mm Waxed Polyester Cord

Color Codes for Waxed Polyester Cord

Settanyl 09-328 Neon Pink

Settanyl 08-326 Lemon Neon 

Settanyl 08-393 Blaze Orange

Settanyl 05-1405 Celery 

Settanyl 09-327 Hot Coral 

Settanyl 09-369 Imperial Purple 

Settanyl 01-314 Canary 

Settanyl 07-083 Waffle Cone 

Settanyl 04-707 Ahoy 

Settanyl 01-373 Paper Bag

Settanyl 02-626 Classic Pink 

Settanyl 01-283 Apricot

Settanyl 01-118 Golden Wheat 

Settanyl 01-072 Butter 

Settanyl 04-070 Caribbean Blue 

Settanyl 07-770 Iced Coffee 

Settanyl 06-384 Clover

Settanyl 08-771 Olive Grey 

Settanyl 02-366 Blush 

Settanyl 07-365 Burgundy 

Settanyl 05-298 Blueberry

Settanyl 03-030 Melon  

When Dawn from KnotMore sends us more colors of Settanyl encerado, we will get them listed on our website right away. Please stay tuned for more colors of 1mm waxed polyester cord coming soon. 

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