For many years, people asked Coco to teach his micro-macrame jewelry. He always struggled to find the time to create lessons but thought in the back of his mind, “Maybe one day I will become a teacher.” Well, the day has finally come. Coco has proudly stepped into the teaching realm with a series of super high-quality micro-macrame jewelry tutorials. Below are the first classes with many more coming soon.

Macrame Courses

Peruvian pattern
The first course 5 Variations of Stone Wrapping is great for knotters of all levels. It is a huge comprehensive course on stone wrapping. You will learn how to wrap your stones in 5 different ways. Along the way, you will also learn many types of knots Coco uses in his macrame jewelry as well as all of his secrets to perfectly securing your cabochons so they never come loose again. 
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Micro Macrame Jewelry Tutorials on Stone Wrapping and Bezels by Designer Coco Paniora Salinas of Rumi Sumaq
The second course below is for advanced knotters only. It teaches how to make a beautiful macrame bracelet with cabochon. The macrame bracelet course requires knowledge of stone-wrapping. The bracelet tutorial begins at the point where the stone is already wrapped. If you cannot wrap your cabochon, please start with the Stone Wrapping course above.
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Macrame Bracelet Tutorial with Stones Taught by Designer Coco Paniora Salinas of Rumi Sumaq

Macrame Cord

To finish our course, you will need 1mm waxed polyester cord. You can find it on our online shop. Check it out now!
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