Macrame Bracelet with Multicolored Zig Zags $245

Macrame Bracelet with Multicolored Zig Zags
  • This macrame bracelet contains thousands of minute knots that are interwoven to create a beautiful multicolored piece.
  • Like all of Coco’s macrame jewelry, this bracelet is a one of a kind.
  • This bracelet is wide so it comes with three macrame adjustable sliding knot closures.
  • Because it is adjustable, it will fit all wrist sizes.
  • The hand knotted macrame fiber Coco uses is called “hilo encerado” from Brazil.
  • The macrame fiber is plant dyed and waxed for durability.
  • The waxed coating makes the fiber extremely strong and resistant to signs of wear, as well as waterproof and washable.
  • The bracelet will not fade or fray with normal usage.
Price: $245.00