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Hard work but easy living: what a “working vacation” is all about

Peruvian pattern

One of our goals when starting Rumi Sumaq was to have a family friendly job that traveled with us. With Coco’s relatives far away in Peru, we wanted an online business that would provide some income while traveling abroad. We’re in the art jewelry business, so by no means did we ever imagine a get-rich-quick internet scheme. Nor did we dream of a life of leisure and wealth. Instead, we set our intention on a successful, small family business that was not tied to one country or address.

We knew from the very first day we started our business that we would have to work very hard to make this goal achievable. Our business is now four years old and we still work long hours each and every day. There is no vacation fund or savings for a rainy day. We still fret over money often.

BUT I am proud to say we have achieved what we intended: we are able to earn income from anywhere.

This much-anticipated freedom allowed us to take a break from the art show circuit last week.  After eight consecutive weekends of shows, we were road-weary and fatigued. (It is exhausting work to travel long distances week after week to set up and breakdown a portable, mini-gallery space.) We chose it. We love it. We are driven by it. But even still, we desperately needed a break.

So we took a leap of faith that the income would keep flowing if we swapped out an art show for a visit with my sister on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. We booked a ferry, packed up Coco’s studio and our online store, and off we (and our business) went. For ten glorious days.

My sister graciously hosted us in her Vineyard home. We continued to log extended hours for our business so it was, for all intents and purposes, a “working vacation.” Coco created new work while I planned the launch of our macrame tutorials. We were thrilled to see some sales in our online store. We used the income to enjoy a few seafood dinners out and Mayu’s all important trip to the arcade.

It was ALL we needed. We worked hard on “vacation,” but the living sure was easy…

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We are chasing our dreams, one intention at a time. We hope you are too. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

“Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it. And believe it’s possible for you.”


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