Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen October 11-13

Join Us and the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen in Philadelphia

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The leaves are changing and there is a chill in the air. Fall is here. For our family that means it is officially “strolling” weather. We love to go for walks in the sun and falling leaves, with or without a pumpkin coffee in hand. That is why we are so excited about the decision of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen to add an outdoor show in October to their amazing lineup of juried art shows. The show will take place in downtown Philadelphia in Rittenhouse Square October 11-13, 2013.

What a perfect way to get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping. Everyone loves a gift that is handcrafted and Made in the USA. So please, come into the city and join us for an autumnal stroll around historic Rittenhouse Square. The show hours are 11 am to 6:30 pm Friday & Saturday, and 11 am to 5 pm Sunday. Admission is free.

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen October 11-13

See Coco’s New Work for Rumi Sumaq

Coco is busy creating new metal and macrame jewelry for the Pennsylvania Guild show. Inspired by the beautiful colors of fall, he is naturally drawn to create one of a kind designs in browns, golds, and oranges. This season, his metal designs combine copper with 950 silver, while his macrame jewelry features earth toned cabochons with feminine, textural silhouettes. Come see his new designs in Booth #142. That’s on S. 18th Street close to the intersection with Walnut. Pretty much right across from the amazing Rouge restaurant.

Rumi Sumaq Macrame Necklace

Rumi Sumaq Macrame Necklace by Coco Paniora Salinas

Fiber Artist Elena Rosenberg

Right next door to Coco (Rumi Sumaq), you will find the extremely talented fiber artist Elena Rosenberg in Booth #143. Elena creates amazing hand-knit and crochet accessories, clothing, and fiber jewelry.

“Each piece in my collection is an original design, created entirely by hand, one stitch at a time, in my one-person studio in Westchester County, New York. I work almost exclusively with natural materials, including merino wool, baby alpaca, silk, cashmere, and fine cottons.” — Elena Rosenberg

Come see her beautiful variety of scarves, cowls, shawls, shrugs, hats, gloves, fiber jewelry, and other innovative pieces. They make the perfect gifts for the special women in your life.

Fine Knitted Shawls by Elena Rosenberg

Fine Knitted Shawls by Elena Rosenberg

Wood Artist Brad Smith

For those who love handcrafted, one of a kind, home furnishings, you have to check out the work of Brad Smith of Bradford Woodworking. From his website:

“Furniture makers frequently ride the coattails of easily recognized styles such as Shaker, Country or Arts and Crafts. In my work, I intentionally try not to be pigeonholed into an existing furniture design category. What I try to do is make furniture that has not been seen before, but still retains some familiarity. That familiarity is gained through the use of good proportions, honest construction and old-fashioned usefulness. My basic concept is to use “off the shelf” parts in ways that were never intended—as elements in the furniture. Because the shop is located on a farm, I decided to develop that as a “theme,” which is why the parts are farm related. The idea is to make something special out of something ordinary. Ax handles seemed to be the perfect chair leg with their gentle S-curve and knobby foot. Pitchforks make ideal supports for chair backs and they even have some spring when you lean back. Disc blades, used on farm equipment, are equally good as bases for my coatrees, lamps, and music stands. These “parts” have become significant elements in my design vocabulary and give the furniture its distinctive Bradford ‘look.’ ” –Brad Smith

One of my favorite surprise elements that he uses in his designs are old carpenter’s tapes. They remind me of childhood because my father, a builder, used to measure my growth with his trusty carpenter’s tape that was always near by. Be sure to visit Brad and see his beautiful work. He is in Booth #146, just a few tents down from Coco & Elena on the corner of Walnut and S. 18th Streets.

Baby Blue Sidetable by Brad Smith

“Baby Blue Side-table” by Brad Smith

Photographer Armond Scarvo

A trip to Rittenhouse Square would not be a complete without a visit to the booth of photographer Armond Scarvo, a native Philadelphian. Armond is of Sicilian decent and was raised in the same South Philly neighborhood as my grandparents. Over the years he has lived in various parts of the city including Center City, West Philadelphia, Germantown and Powellton Village. He has photographed every part of the city he is proud to call home. Armond writes in his artist statement on his website:

“I consider my self blessed to be in a city that first allowed religious freedom and was the home of men the likes of Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush, Thomas Paine, and so many others that the list can go on and on. As I walk around this City of Brotherly Love I sense that I am in a European city with its small alleys and large boulevards that are lined with buildings that have Greek, Roman, French and English influences.The photographs on Photographs of Philadelphia are part of an ongoing collection of images of those locales that are of historical interest, national importance, and of course the profound beauty of the birthplace of America.” — Armond Scarvo

Come see Armond’s beautiful Photographs of Philadelphia in Booth #2. While there, ask him about booking a photography tour of Philadelphia. What an amazing opportunity to see the city through his artistic lens.

Early Morning on the River by Armond Scarvo

“Early Morning on the River” by Armond Scarvo

Ceramic Artist Marcia Reiver

The pottery designs of Marcia Reiver are inspired by Russian architecture, a variety of fabric patterns, the periods of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Mission, as well as Native American pottery. Marcia writes on her website:

 “Once my wheel thrown or hand built pottery is bisque fired, I carefully draw out the details of my design. The lines are then taped off before the glazes are applied both inside and outside for a graphic look.” — Marcia Reiver

In Flight by Marcia Reiver

“In Flight” by Marcia Reiver

Stop by Booth #88 to see Marcia’s beautiful, graphic, ceramic art.

Mixed Media Artist Doug Durkee

If you are not ready to start your holiday gift shopping just yet, there will also be many amazing pieces to choose from for your home. Stop by Booth #27 to see mixed media artist Doug Durkee of Infinity Art Furnishings. Doug creates stunning clocks, mirrors and tables using lights and reflective materials combined with wood, stainless steel, laminate or aluminum. Doug explains on his website:

 “In my studio in Burlington, Kentucky, I create unique home furnishings. As a member of the National Association of Independent Artists, the Furniture Society and Kentucky Crafted, I take great pride in creating my unique artwork. Each piece contains electric lights placed at various intervals in a highly refractive chamber to create sculptured light tunnels, or as one might say ‘my lucky stars’… My work is my way of sharing my blessings and a ‘glimmer of infinity’ with you.” — Doug Durkee

Somewhere in Time Floor Clock by Doug Durkee

“Somewhere in Time” Floor Clock by Doug Durkee

We hope this preview of the show serves as an impetus to join us for a stroll around Rittenhouse Square October 11 – 13. If you would like to see a more in-depth preview of the talented craftsmen who will be exhibiting please visit our Pinterest board for the show or the Flicker slideshow of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.

Coco and I hope to see you. Until then, Happy Fall! Get strolling…


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