KnotMore is closing and we are now selling waxed polyester cord at RUMI SUMAQ

Waxed Polyester Cord

Peruvian pattern

Welcome Knotters, Basket Makers, Beaders, Book Binders, Leather Workers, Fiber Artists and all customers of KnotMore.

RUMI SUMAQ | Now Selling Waxed Polyester Cord from Settanyl and Linhasita | Support Our Small Business

We are Coco and Melanie, a husband and wife team, and co-owners of our small business RUMI SUMAQ. In addition to selling Coco’s jewelry and tutorials, we are excited to be launching the sale of waxed polyester cord. 

As many of you know, is going out of business. KnotMore has been the online source for polyester cord from Brazil for the past eight years. We’ve been in communication with Dawn from KnotMore, and together we’ve been brainstorming how to ease the transition for you when she closes down her cord business. No doubt, when KnotMore shuts down, there will be a great void to fill in the knotting, weaving and basketry communities. 🙁

Going forward, we would appreciate the opportunity to fill that void a wee bit… by being here for you … and your cord needs. We are introducing a new section of our website dedicated to the sale of waxed polyester cord.

Please know that we will be carrying some of KnotMore’s Settanyl cord, as well as introducing new colors of Linhasita. Coco is a renowned macrame jewelry designer, and he works with both Brazilian brands of waxed polyester cord interchangeably. We are confident that you will too.

Kindly sign up below for more information about the upcoming launch of our waxed cords. We greatly appreciate your support of our small family business.

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