Macrame tutorials: How to macrame with jewelry designer Coco Paniora Salinas of Rumi Sumaq

Macrame Tutorials: Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

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During the process of collecting feedback by email about our upcoming macrame tutorials, we received many questions from interested students. And though we responded to every email (or will soon respond), we would also like to publicly address the questions here on the blog. Just in case you are wondering the same things too.

We greatly appreciate your trust and wish to remain as open as possible in this new and exciting macrame tutorials project.

So here goes, our answers to your most frequently asked questions…

The short answer is very soon!

That said, we know we owe you an apology. We are sorry that the macramé tutorials have taken longer than expected to get up and running. As you may know, we make our living from Coco’s jewelry by traveling every weekend to exhibit at juried art shows across the United States.

The truth is we tried really hard to squeeze in creating video tutorials in between exhibiting at art shows. But most weeks we barely found the time to pay some bills and do our laundry before heading out to the next art show. Not to mention, Coco has to keep up with creating new jewelry for inventory to sell.

Excuses aside, we are sorry we’ve kept you waiting for the tutorials. We know we let you down and we want to make it up to you by making some big changes in our business this year.

It is our intention to spend less time on the road at art shows and more time teaching macramé.

We are determined to help empower you to feel confident in your knotting skills so that you may share your fiber art with others. So if that means trading in many miles on the art show circuit for the video camera, then so be it. We are happy to serve.

So, again, the macrame tutorials are coming very, very soon! We promise.

Look for an email announcing our launch date very soon. But wait, are you on our tutorials email list? If not, be sure to sign up now…

Stay In Touch for Tutorial Updates

We will email you with news of our tutorials.

Coco uses a waxed nylon cord made by Linhasita in all of his macrame projects. The waxed macrame cord allows Coco to burn the cord in some parts as a way of joining and/or finishing design elements. Linhasita is a Brazilian company and it may be difficult to find the cord locally in your area. (Coco gets his in bulk when we travel to Peru to see his family.) If you can’t find waxed nylon cord in a local craft shop, we recommend purchasing it online from the well-respected website There you will find great prices on cord and cabochons, a loyalty discount program for repeat customers, as well as free domestic and international shipping on bulk orders. The KnotMore site is run by renown macrame artist Dawn Standera, who also heads the ever-popular Macrame Collective web page. Please note that Dawn sells Settanyl macrame cord, which is another Brazilian brand of 1 mm waxed nylon cord. Never fear, it is equivalent to Linhasita; only the brand name is different.

Great question. And to be honest, we could not have answered it very well a few months ago.

When we first conceived of these macramé tutorials, we imagined posting a few simple tutorials to the blog every once in a while. But the feedback we received by email really shocked us. When we posed the question about what you struggle with most in macramé, the overwhelming majority  told us that there is a real need for tutorials that show intermediate and advanced knotting techniques.

When we compiled the data from your email responses, we found that many of you struggle with the same things…

Stone-Wrapping and Creating Secure Macrame Bezels
Starting and Finishing Projects
Linking Elements of Your Design
Creating Beautiful Finished Jewelry Projects

So after reading thousands of your emails (and yes we read every single one), we see a real need for Coco to step into an advanced teaching role. We are launching the tutorials with the macrame struggles we heard about the most often. These are all difficulties that Coco can help you with, as he has been through all of them before.

A quick perusal through our website will show you that Coco has earned his place as an expert in the field of fiber arts. As a macrame expert, Coco completely understands your frustrations and wants to lend a helping hand.

He has years of experience to draw from and he has many tricks of the trade to share with you. We are certain you have much to gain from Coco’s advanced knowledge and expertise.

That said, please don’t fret if you are completely new to macrame. Stay with us as we will offer some fantastic (and free) beginner content here on the blog. Plus, there are some great tutorials out there for those just getting started with knotting. The Macrame School is a great example. We recommend that macrame novices start there and then come on over to us when you have some of the basic knots mastered.

Once you have practiced a few basic knots, there will be many tutorials and opportunities to learn from Coco.

Another great question, which relates back to the question about whether we will be offering beginner or advanced content.

When we first dreamed about creating macrame tutorials, we anticipated offering free tutorials for beginner techniques and then moving to a paid structure when offering complete jewelry designs or more advanced techniques (similar to how Joan Babcock does it on her website and how Sherri Stokey does it over at CraftEdu).

We’ve learned from your feedback, however, that many of the basic macrame techniques are already covered on YouTube. What the majority of you are looking for is tutorials on complete projects or more advanced macrame techniques.

So where does that leave us? We still plan to deliver some great free content here on our blog.

But for the more advanced macrame techniques, please understand that we will need to charge a nominal fee for the tutorials.

Our family income relies solely on Coco’s jewelry designs, and like most artists, we struggle financially. We hope you understand that we simply cannot afford to offer all of Coco’s advanced knowledge and expertise for free.

Coco has earned his place as an expert in the field of fiber arts and we hope you won’t mind paying to learn macrame from him.

That said, it is our aim to create tutorials that are of great value to your macrame work.

We are trying very hard to avoid the mistakes that others have made in the jewelry tutorial market. In other words, we are incorporating your feedback to create super high quality tutorials that you won’t mind investing in. That way, what we share with you will offer a great return on your investment.

If you commit to our tutorials, you will be a better fiber artist. Guaranteed.

At this point in the process, we are not considering a subscription based model. The feedback we received by email has taught us that there are a range of knotting abilities represented in our macrame community. To better serve everyone, we will offer the tutorials as stand alone courses. That way you can pick and choose what you need and want to learn.

That said, we will sometimes bundle tutorials that converge on the same theme and offer them at a greater discount than if sold individually. For example, we will be offering a comprehensive, 5-video course on variations in stone wrapping that will be priced at a much greater discount when the 5 videos are bundled together as one purchase.

Yes, absolutely. We are 100% committed to YOU in providing the service of macrame tutorials. We want you to take your macrame to the next level. We want to see you succeed!

In order to help you, we need to hear from you.

In return for your invaluable feedback, we will offer our email subscribers discounted pricing and promo codes. That way, it will be a win-win for all of us!

*If you aren’t on our macrame tutorials email list, be sure to sign up now. We would hate for you to miss out on the promo codes we send and on the opportunity to send us feedback by email.

Want Us to Send You News of Our Macrame Tutorials?

We would be happy to send you a copy of our newsletter so you are the first to know when new macrame tutorials become available.

Wondering whether our macrame tutorials are for you?

Please check out Coco’s macrame jewelry designs that we have for sale here on our website. The tutorials will include knotting techniques and completed projects that will allow you to create similar fiber art pieces. 

Rumi Sumaq Co-Owners Designer Coco Paniora Salinas and His Wife Melanie VentoOk, we think that about covers it. Look for an email announcing our launch date very soon!

In the meantime, if you have questions or suggestions about our macrame tutorials, please leave your thoughts in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

Much love and light,
Melanie and Coco of Rumi Sumaq


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  1. I really am intrigue with your designs, I’m impress that you can create something as beautiful as these necklaces. Did you have to draw your designs out, like a blueprint, it’s simply amazing. I’m from Hawaii and there’s a lot of seashell on our beaches, and sea glass as well. I would like to learn something simple or attempt to do one of your designs and incorporate it with seashells and sea glass. I’m sure there is some that others have made using seashells etc. But yours really caught my interest, Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful creation and when you do post your tutorial I would appreciate if you could email me.

    1. Post

      Hi Cheryle,
      Thanks very much for your kind words. In answer to your question, yes, I sometimes draw out my designs first. But they don’t always turn out as expected. Macrame is a finicky art form and it is difficult to plan out how the cords will relate to one another once I start knotting the design I had envisioned. More often than not, I need to adapt my designs as I go along. Thanks for your interest in the macrame tutorials. We’ve released 2 courses so far: one on stone wrapping and another on a macrame bracelet with stones. Check your email for news from us and you should see it there. Thanks again for taking the time to write us.
      Love and light,

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